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The Wikinerds Community was founded by Nikolaos S. Karastathis (NSK) in 2004. We are nerds and we love science and technology, we support free/libre open-source software, and we use wikis to collaborate and create online knowledge bases, encyclopedias, and educational resources. The Wikinerds Community is a federation of wikis and other projects supported by their own sub-communities, each one having its own area of focus. Every project is autonomous and has its own rules and regulations. If this is you first visit to our website, we recommend visiting the Wikinerds Portal where most of our articles are published, and then start reading the Wikinerds Blog where you can read our news, as well as checking Planet Wikinerds which collects recent new content from all of our projects. If you want to participate in our community, we suggest to join our wikis and subscribe to our interactive mailing lists. Below you can see the complete list of our projects:

The Wikinerds Wiki: This is the future of the Wikinerds Community site. Very soon this wiki will replace the site you are seeing right now!

NerdShift: News on science, computers, free and open-source software, and other nerdy topics. RSS.

JnanaBase: A community-edited general knowledge base wiki without unnecessary rules. RSS.

NerdyPC: Information Technology wiki edited by the community, with a knowledge base and news about hardware and computers. RSS.

Wikinerds Forum: Discuss about free software, nerd culture, science, technology, ecology, computers, and freedom.

Planet Wikinerds: Collects all RSS feeds of the community into a single easy-to-read page. RSS.

Planet Wiki: An online news aggregator collecting RSS feeds from various third-party wikis around the Web. RSS.

Wikinerds Blog: Our weblog contains the latest announcements and news of the Wikinerds Community, with in-depth information. RSS.

NSK Homepage: The founder of the Wikinerds Community and webmaster of this site is a 24-year nerd from Europe.

NSK Blog: Webmaster's personal weblog with rants about anything. RSS.

Mailing Lists: Communication via email among all members of the community.

IRC chat: Real-time communication on FreeNode IRC Network.

Statistics: Traffic reports, maps, bandwidth utilisation, and more!

New beta projects: Wikinerds Corral (RSS), Lexigesis (RSS), InfoSanctum (RSS).

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